The Americanization of Britain is in Full Swing

Where are Harry & Meghan? Where is Andrew? Where is Diana?

The Americanization of Britain is in full swing:

[] – “Could Meghan Markle start her own newspaper? Duchess plans to turn her Sussex Royal brand into a global empire as she trademarks the title on dozens of products including ’emotional support services’, clothing and magazines”

You can’t make this stuff up! Poor Lizz2, who is presiding over a royal train-wreck. Her son Charles screwed up with his marriage, to the tune that MI6 had to kill Diana in a Paris tunnel. Next the Dick Duke of York, Andrew, turned out to have developed a dangerous taste for Lolita’s under the approving eyes of the International Kike, Epstein, currently ‘suicided’. And now, to top it off, “prince” Harry, albeit making a promising start in life…

…has turned into a defenseless love-puppy, opening the door of the House of Windsor for the American Mega-Marxist (but we repeat ourselves) Meghan Markle.

Now over to the comment section of the DailyFail to see what our Brexiteer friends have to say about this development (note the massive kudos):

coolbreeze2, PNW, United States, 9 hours ago – What this shows is that she was never in this to support the BRF, but to build a global Meghan brand using someone else’s money. Shameful.

Pro: 8846
Con: 116

Kronos2000, Sydney, Australia, 9 hours ago – Of course, marrying Harry was just a money spinner for her. Harry is a fool!

Pro: 6778
Con: 70

Mamie Watts, Denver, 9 hours ago – Her Majesty needs to put a STOP to this selling of the Crown now.

Pro: 6470
Con: 52

Somewhereupnorth, Manchester, 9 hours ago – Now it’s all starting to make sense, it’s a business opportunity for her. She’s a complete embarrassment to the RF and this country!

Pro: 5780
Con: 49

It is difficult to overstate the importance of this development. This is a direct hit at the top icon of British society.

Can’t wait for Meghan Markle presenting her new lingerie line from a catwalk erected in a corridor in Windsor Castle.

Next expect the “Daily Markle” newspaper on a Daily Basis to demand total open borders for Britain in order to take in 40 million “climate refugees” from the third world.

Poor Anglos. Rather than preparing for their favorite pastime, namely bombing white German children from safe altitude on orders of uncle Schmull, they are now faced with total collapse of their institutions.

We, the 640 million of continental Europe, as well as the 1350 million Chinese, should enjoy this spectacle from a safe distance, while smoking fine Cuban hand-rolled cigars and drinking Scottish whiskey. The new Eurasian motto should be: there can never be enough coloreds in Anglostan, now that all-out wars have become impossible thanks to nukes and all that is left is defeat of your (Anglo) opponent through inner subversion and regime change from within.

The main Eurasian geopolitical asset is white Anglo despair.

Won’t be long until Eurasia can come up with a Churchillian percentage agreement about who gets what from the Anglo loot.

The Microphone for American Deplorables

If you want to know what Hilary Clinton’s typical American “deplorables” and Trump-voters really think, look no further. Just listen to the video between [3:47] and [12:40] and be up-to-speed. Continental European geo-strategists should take careful note of this:

“I want to see this country split up in hundreds of pieces”.

From a European perspective that would be a little too much to handle, but yes, it is true, we love America so much that we want to see at least three of them.

US High-Profile Dissident Paul Craig Roberts Flirting with Holocaust Denial

Difficult to overstate the importance of this. Roberts was a long-time liberal-leaning Reagan Republican, who became an outright critic of the neocon-US, Israel-lobby, 9/11-truther, US-sponsored wars in Iraq and Syria and lately, a WW2-revisionist:

And over the decades, considerable evidence has accumulated that the Gas Chambers and the Jewish Holocaust—the central elements of today’s Nazi “Black Legend”—were just as fictional as all those other items. The Germans were notoriously meticulous record-keepers, embracing orderly bureaucracy like no other people, and nearly all their archives were captured at the end of the war. Under these circumstances, it seems rather odd that there are virtually no traces of the plans or directives associated with the monstrous crimes that their leadership supposedly ordered committed in such massively industrial fashion. Instead, the entirety of the evidence seems to consist of a tiny quantity of rather doubtful documentary material, the dubious interpretations of certain phrases, and various German confessions, often obtained under brutal torture.

[] – Hitler’s War Crimes vs. Those of Churchill & the Americans

[documents1940] – Auschwitz Commander Hoess Testifies at Nuremberg
[documents1940] – An Embarrassing Discovery

Who is Paul Craig Roberts? Spoiler: not a white nationalist nobody “gun-nut” prepper, but a defector from the heart of the ZOG-system:

Paul Craig Roberts (born April 3, 1939) is an American economist and author. He formerly held a sub-cabinet office in the United States federal government as well as teaching positions at several U.S. universities. He is a promoter of supply-side economics and an opponent of recent U.S. foreign policy.

Roberts received a doctorate from the University of Virginia where he studied under G. Warren Nutter. He subsequently taught at Stanford University and the University of New Mexico before going to work as an analyst and adviser at the United States Congress where he was credited as the primary author of the original draft of the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981. He was the United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Ronald Reagan and – after leaving government – held the William E. Simon chair in economics at the Center for Strategic and International Studies for ten years and served on several corporate boards. A former associate editor at The Wall Street Journal, his articles have also appeared in The New York Times and Harper’s, and he is the author of more than a dozen books and a number of peer-reviewed papers.

In 1987 Roberts was invested into the Legion of Honour at the rank of chevalier (knight) by President of France François Mitterrand. He is also recipient of the United States Treasury’s Meritorious Service Award and the International Journalism Award for Political Analysis from the Mexican Press Club. He takes David Irving’s views on the causes of WW2, and on the Holocaust seriously.

[] – Paul Craig Roberts

Brexit Party Unmasked

There are still those who claim that Brexit was about preserving British identity and directed against immigration. Perhaps it was, well among the Brexit voters. But if you hear Brexit Party representatives talk, you know better what Brexit is really about: halting WHITE immigration from Eastern Europe and replace it with English speaking dark immigration from the Commonwealth, all in the interest of English businesses, not of the English commoner. The latter is facing a low-standards, low-income, low-tax business haven, with ever more darkening neighborhoods, except for the entrepreneurs and their gated communities. Britain in the eyes of the Brexiteers is supposed to mimic the US and become oligarch country. Kiss your NHS goodbye, that is too expensive. Just buy yourself a private insurance with an American insurance company, buying American pharmaceuticals. Expect England (minus Scotland?) to become swallowed by the US as an easy piece of meat.

[] – Brexit Party politician says that the EU is institutionally racist and too white. He wants more diversity…

[] – Brexit Party MEP brands EU ‘white slave masters’ who only let black people in to clean toilets

[DailyMail] – More black people will be allowed into Britain if we leave the EU and immigration will become a ‘non-issue’, says Nigel Farage

[documents1940] – Boris Johnson, Brexit and the Deep State

Even British “white nationalists” like Nick Griffin, who should know better, voted for Brexit. Don’t waste time on people who don’t want to be saved. Without Britain, Europe can take a sharp turn to the right and turn to Russia and China and its New Silk Road project and erase the dollar from Eurasia and together withdraw from the UN. Exit US empire, exit multicult in Europe.

Brexit, bye-bye Merry Old England

John Wear on Germany’s War

Establishment historians characterize National Socialist Germany as a uniquely barbaric, vile and criminal regime that was totally responsible for starting World War II and carrying out some of the most heinous war crimes in world history. Germany’s War by John Wear refutes this characterization of Germany, bringing history into accord with the facts. Germany’s War documents that the Allied leaders of the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States were primarily responsible for starting and prolonging World War II-costing million of lives. Far from being the conqueror of Europe, Adolf Hitler saved it from Stalin. The leaders of Great Britain and America also adopted policies designed to force war with Germany. Britain’s unconditional guarantee to Poland led to horrific acts of violence against Poland’s ethnic Germans and, thus, Germany was forced to invade Poland to end these atrocities. Franklin Roosevelt’s numerous provocations, including a shoot-on-sight policy against German shipping and leaked plans of a U.S. invasion of Germany, forced Germany to declare war on the U.S. despite Hitler’s desire for peace. This book also reports the Allied mass murder of the German people after the end of World War II during which the Allies-led by General Dwight D. Eisenhower-murdered approximately 1.5 million German prisoners of war through intentional starvation and exposure to the elements. Probably a minimum 2.1 million ethnic Germans expelled from their homes also died in what was supposed to be an “orderly and humane” relocation. Finally, the Allies murdered millions of additional Germans through intentional starvation after the war ended-plus much, much more. Deluxe softcover, 508 pages, illustrated, 350+ bibliographical entries, 1,000+ index entries, 1,000+ footnotes

[] – GERMANY’S WAR: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of WW2 (2015)
[] – The book “Germany’s War” is online
[wearswar] – Wears War on the Lies, Liars & WW2
[] – Columnist John Wear
[] – Why the Holocaust Story Was Invented
[] – Germans Cut Through Red Army in 1941 Because Soviets Were Only Prepared to Attack

Former CEO Of Scania Warns Sweden Is Heading For Civil War

The importance of this warning can’t be overstated. We’re no longer talking about anonymous right-wing internet kooks (the types are known to the redaction), but a representative of the entrepreneurial class that has been advocating letting in cheap labor for decades.

In an interview with Swebbtv, businessman Leif Östling said that the arrival of so many new migrants who have failed to integrate into Swedish society is creating a fertile ground for violent unrest.

[] – Former CEO Of Scania Warns Sweden Is Heading For Civil War
[] – Leif Östling