The New America

White Americans have been exposed to these kind of messages for decades. The result is this:

America’s “new intellectuals” in action at university level. If you are lucky they can even read, although that is considered a very white thing to do, not “cool”.

British Channel Four documentary about “angry white America”, the Trump voters, that is half of the American population, almost all white. For them the “American Dream” is over. We in Europe should anticipate a 1776-style break-away attempt by white America and for that reason alone set up Macron’s European army, in order to be able to intervene and ensure that the “right” side, our side, doesn’t lose. Oh, and it would ensure that not only 1945, but to a certain extent 1776 will be rolled back as well. But this time it is not about getting rid of the British, but of George Soros once and for all. What’s not to like.

Torch Marches in the good ol’ USofA. Now where have we seen that before? Ah yes, in Europe in the thirties. Americans can be a little slow at times in picking up the latest European trends.

Meet the real deplorables, the losers of the US multicult system. Interesting is the monologue between [3:47] and [12:39]… “I want to see this country split up in hundreds of pieces”. From a European perspective that would be a little too much to handle, but yes it is true, we love America so much that we want to see at least three of them.

There is nothing wrong with the “Death of Western Civilization”, that post-1945 construct based on murder and mayhem, aka the US Empire, let’s bring it on!… so we can start all over again, this time with Russia. Not as the new overlord, but on par with France and Germany: “Paris-Berlin-Moscow” or The North, not to be confused with The West. And those Americans who value their European roots are welcome as well, America as a European outpost in a rapidly darkening world.

Fourth inauguration of Vladimir Putin as president of Russia. Perfectly staged: Putin shaking hands with former German chancellor Schroeder. Questions?

The world after empire: Eurosphere and Sinosphere the carrying poles of the new multipolar world order.

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