May 1968 – CIA Operation To Bring Down de Gaulle?

On June 68 (((Cohn-Bendit))) [leader Paris May 1968 uprising] said Hervé Bourges: “It seems that the CIA is interested in us lately: some newspapers and American associations, intermediaries and subsidiaries of the CIA, we were offered large sums; needless to say the reception we made them … . The feelings of the CIA with regard to de Gaulle, we know through a report to President Richard Helms Johnson May 30, 1968 denouncing the general a dictator who will stay in power that pouring rivers of blood.

The Gaullists, you will say, won the legislative June 1968. Certainly. But de Gaulle lost them. He lost his war: “Our currency was deeply reached, write Georges Pompidou. Our reserves had melted like snow in the sun … The France of de Gaulle was reduced to its true dimensions and we did not rejoiced less. Finished the war the dollar. No more lessons given to world leaders. Finished our leadership in Western Europe. Such was the worldwide reaction and if I showed the little I experienced all this immense sadness“. May 68 that it is not likely. But it is ALSO …

[] – When the CIA financed European Intellectuals
[] – LE MAI 1968 dont les médias n’ont pas voulu parler – Par Morgan Sportès.


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