Eric Kaufmann on White Shift

Well, that is what the Erik Kaufmann’s of this world would want to happen: whipping out the white race around the world. Still problems understanding who instigated and won WW2, white dummy?

[] – Professor Says White People Need to Accept That They’re Being Replaced in America and Europe

Prof. Eric Kaufmann. Where is AA77 when you need it?

Fortunately, the Anglos, who have served as the water carriers for the Eric Kaufmann’s for a century now, are disappearing first and with them goes the competence level to assert Anglo-Zionist values militarily around the world. Good riddance to them. Syria is the first defeat of the Anglo-Zionist NWO at the hands of the Europeans (Russia).

Paris-Berlin-Moscow emerging as a replacement for Anglo-Zionist dominance. No Anglos present at Erdogan-hosted Syria conference, just like there were no Germans in Yalta.

The Anglo-Zionists are demographically descending into third world status and corresponding standards first. On top of that, they are losing the dollar reserve currency free lunch fast, increasing tensions in the US, leading to the severe risk of a civil war there:

In fact, the situation will soon arrive at the point where Eurasia (Paris-Berlin-Moscow-Beijing) can begin to think about dividing the Anglo-Zionist loot amongst each other and subsequently call Anglo-Zionist bluff:

The world after WW3 and Yalta-2.0: 2 billion Eurasians should be able to defeat Anglo-Zionism (450 million) on the very moment when the “identitarian troubles” will begin in the US. Always remember that Israel has Jericho missiles, they can use as a bargaining chip to survive WW3 (Balfour Declaration 2.0: they can have Upstate New York in a balkanized America)

It can be shown that in the modern era, every geopolitical top dog gets around a century. If this law applies, it would mean that the American Era is almost over and that MAGA is not going to happen. But the 21st century is not going to be dominated by that US-appendix UN either.

What we are going to have after WW3 is a multi-polar world, carried by the new heavy-weights Greater-Europe and China.

[] – ‘US losing world leadership, Europe can replace it’ – EU top diplomat Mogherini
[] – AngloZionist: Short primer for the newcomers

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