The Good News – ZOG Is Dying


Shabby Paul Krugmann just expressed his deep pessimism regarding the future of the West in an interview with the German der Spiegel. He should be, the West is nearly over, poisoned by its own fake modernist ideals.


In 2017, Bloomberg admits that the century-old American dream of ramming the entire world in its empire, will not materialize.


By the end of 2018, Hillary Clinton expressed her deep concern in that she announced that Europe needs to curtail its immigration from the third world, otherwise European establishment will lose political power by handing it over to the populists.


Former German foreign minister and Madeleine Albright’s darling Joshka Fisher has written a book, painting the same bleak picture of the “Declining West”.


Presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan wrote this book in 2002. He correctly predicted the fall of the West as the result of unrestricted third world immigration.


“‘Europe is coming apart before our eyes’: 30 leading historians and writers including Ian McEwan and Simon Schama warn of the rise of populism ahead of Brexit”

Our response to the Death of the West: die already f*cker, die!

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