Foyle’s War – Kosher WW2 Lies

[Source] From left to right: Paul Milner, Foyle’s private driver Sam Stewart and Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle himself.

From Wikipedia:

Foyle’s War is a British detective drama television series set during (and shortly after) the Second World War, created by Midsomer Murders screenwriter and author Anthony Horowitz and commissioned by ITV after the long-running series Inspector Morse ended in 2000. It began broadcasting on ITV in October 2002. ITV director of programmes Simon Shaps cancelled Foyle’s War in 2007, but complaints and public demand prompted Peter Fincham (Shaps’ replacement) to revive the programme after good ratings for 2008’s fifth series. The final episode was broadcast on 18 January 2015, after eight series.

[Source] “Foyle’s War” creator Anthony Horowitz, telling fishy tales to the British Goyim. Foyle=Horowitz. Success-formula: insert WW2-falsehoods unnoticed while telling the British what they want to hear, namely that they were the Good Guys in the epic battle between Good and Evil that was WW2, where in reality the British (and Poles) acted as the water carriers for kosher interests, that is achieving global geopolitical dominance. Foyle’s War is superb brainwashing.

Author: (((Anthony Horowitz)))
Plot location: Hastings, UK.
Public reception: Foyle’s War tops list of 21st Century TV shows [DailyMail]

[] – Foyle’s War
[] – Foyle’s War (series 1)
[] – Final Foyle’s War episode

In order to understand and see through this high quality kosher propaganda that is “Foyle’s War”, first a summary of real events, preceding and surrounding WW2:

Kosher highlights modern era:

  • 1848 – Communist Manifesto
  • 1903 – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
  • 1913 – Founding Federal Reserve
  • 1917Balfour Deal UK-US Jewry: US army against Palestine for the Jews.
  • 1917 – ZOG-USSR Lenin-Trotsky
  • 1918 – Founding Frankfurt School, that would take over all western academia, until today
  • 1922 – Henry Ford, “The International Jew, The World’s Foremost Problem
  • 1925Mein Kampf
  • 1933 – March 4, ZOG-USA Franklin Roosevelt
  • 1933 – March 24, “Judea declares war on Germany“, the real origin of WW2
  • 1933 – November 20, diplomatic recognition human slaughterhouse USSR by the US. Begin closet alliance that would last until 1946
  • 1933 – ZOG-Germany staved off by the NSDAP in defeating the jewish-led KPD
  • 193x – ZOG-USA & ZOG-USSR and Churchill war party team up against Germany
  • 1939 – War has been decided upon!
  • 1940 – May 10, ZOG-UK Winston Churchill
  • 1940 – Chamberlain admits that “US and World Jews” forced Britain into WW2
  • 1941 – February, Time-Life publishes “The American Century“, 10 months before Pearl Harbor
  • 1941 – December, Pearl Harbor, a US setup, intended to enable war participation against Germany
  • 1946Nuremberg Tribunal, ZOG West
  • 194x – Estrangement US-USSR wenn Stalin gets serious about removing the Jews from the Soviet power structure, the single reason why the Cold War came about.

Non-kosher highlights modern era:

  • 1871Founding of German Kaiserreich
  • 1891British elite decides that Germany must be destroyed
  • 1904Entente Cordiale
  • 1907Triple Entente Alliance Britain-France-Russia
  • 1914WW1
  • 1918 – Imposed “peace treaty” Versailles, throwing Germany into the abyss
  • 1939 – German intervention in Poland to halt Polish ethnic cleansing of Germans
  • 1939Phoney War, neither Germans, nor British or French interested in war
  • 1940 – Norwegian campaign, initiated by Churchill.
  • 1940 – Dutch campaign. The Netherlands where NOT neutral.
  • 1940Miracle of Dunkirk. There was none, Hitler let the British escape to avoid escalation.

[documents1940] – WW2 For Dummies

As of 1933 the US, USSR and Churchill war party in the UK conspired to set Europe up for war. The post-war US and Soviet empires didn’t happen by accident, but were intentional. WW2 was instigated to set up the kosher-run US empire. Since 1945 we have ZOG-West, a sinister entity, dedicated to intentionally wipe out European man, in Western Europe, Britain and North-America, through mass immigration from the third world and multiculturalism, so white man is replaced by Henry Ford’s International Jew, “The World’s Foremost Problem”.

It’s fairly obvious that in their own estimation, the 20th century was game, set and match for our kosher friends.
[] – The Jewish Century, (((Yuri Sleshkin))), 2011

For their loyal water carriers the British, the British 19th century ended in a not so British 20th-21st century:

[] – ‘This isn’t the Britain we fought for,’ say the ‘unknown warriors’ of WWII

“ZOG-West”, really?

There is no Jewish soldier at every street corner in the West. They don’t have nearly enough people for that, or interest. After all all, they are “People of the Book”, not “People of the Gun” (we have Americans for those). No, instead we have a television screen in EVERY living room, that shows productions like “Foyle’s War”, explaining to us what we are supposed to think, about history and about society. The US empire, apart from being an empire based on nukes and dollars, is first and foremost a media empire.

Selected Episodes from Foyle’s War

Update: Youtube removed all episodes linked to below, no doubt for copy right infringement. It is still easy to find the videos on file torrents on the web, or else you have to make mr. Horowitz richer than he already is:

[] – Foyle’s war

S01E01 – The German Woman

Time: May 1940. This episode deals with what to do with citizens on your territory of a country you are at war with. Well, you put them in a concentration camp. That is what the Americans did with the Japanese, the British with Germans (in this episode a civilized piano teacher from Vienna) and the Germans with those people who had attempted to inflict communism on them, that is the tribe of mr. Horowitz, which would have had the same disastrous consequences for the German people as it had had for the Russians: dying by the millions, executed with a neck shot or languish in a gulag. That is what Herr Hitler understandingly wanted to prevent, so he put the communist leaders, many of them Jews, in a place where they could no longer be a threat for his people. At the start of the war merely ca. 28,000 people were locked away like that, a fraction of the many millions the Soviets had banged up. But we will never hear that nice mr. Horowith about that, now will we. The USSR, that prompted morally justified fascist reactions everywhere in Europe, to defend against that enormous threat, was the system of the tribe of mr. Horowitz, a fact he doesn’t want to stress to much.

Historic lie: a German plane drops a bomb on a village, killing a girl who plays a part in the plot, causing anti-German resentment in town. The Truth is that it was Churchill who ordered the bombing of German civilian targets on the very first day he became PM, May 10, 1940. The Germans, who didn’t want this war at all, very much unlike Roosevelt and Churchill, waited full three months before they no longer could postpone retaliation. In total the Anglos threw 20 times as much on Germany as the other way around.

S01E02 – The White Feather

This is perhaps the most crucial episode of them all. The story is about British nationalists, who oppose the war and accuse the Jews of having a hand in initiating it. The main character is the aristocrat Guy Spencer, leader of the fictional Friday Club (with strong resemblance of the Right Club, with figures like Archibald Ramsay and clark of Joseph Kennedy, Tyler Kent).

So, who is mr Foyle? We get a hint from the fishing event at [26:40]. “Foyle, what do you think would happen if we would have an invasion?”. Foyle: “well, the likes of us would be lined up and shot, I suppose.” Aha. At [37:43], the British nationalist Guy Spencer asks Foyle: “Are you by any chance Jewish?”. Foyle pauses for a few seconds and leaves without answering the question. Of course, Horowitz suggests to the attentive viewer that Foyle could be Jewish, but that would be detrimental to the propaganda value of the series, so he leaves the question unanswered. But there can be no doubt: mr Christopher Foyle is Anthony Horowitz himself.

S01E03 – A Lesson In Murder

S01E04 – Eagle Day

S02E01 – Fifty Ships

S02E02 – Among The Few

What they won’t tell you about WW2

[] – How three million Germans died after VE Day
[] – Raped by the Red Army: Two million German women speak out

WW2 in a single sentence: the intent of WW2, originating from 1933, was the creation of the American and Soviet empires, exploiting the post-Versailles situation in Europe, by setting up the old continent for war, using Poland as the useful idiot and enabled by a giant, oil-based US economy that eclipsed everybody else.

  • “Judea declares war on Germany”:
  • USA-1933:
  • Focus:
  • Churchill-Stalin connection:
  • William Bullitt:
  • Poland:
  • Phoney War:
  • Norway:
  • Netherlands:
  • Dunkirk miracle:
  • Chamberlain’s WW2 verdict:
  • American Century:
  • Greece:
  • Rudolf Hess:
  • Barbarossa:
  • Pearl Harbor:
  • Nuremberg:
  • Cold War:

Stages WW2

  • 1939, September 1 – Intervention Poland
  • 1940, April 7 – Intervention Norway
  • 1940, May 10 – Preemptive war against Low Countries and France
  • 1941, April – Yugoslavia, Greece
  • 1941, June 23 – Barbarossa

None of the five border crossing by the German army was motivated by a desire for territorial conquest.

Poland. Under influence of the Uk-French war guarantee for Poland, the Polish government began to ethnically cleanse Versailles-Poland. From Germans. On September 1, the number of German refugees was already over 100,000. The German government could impossibly standing idly by and intervened.

Norway. Between September 1, 1939 and April 1940, Europe experienced the so-called Phoney War, the best illustration that neither the British and French, nor the Germans were interested in war. The only ones who really wanted war were the Americans and Soviets and their enabler was Winston Churchill. It was him pushing for anti-German military action in Norway, aimed at interrupting the continued supply of Swedish iron ore from Sweden, via Narvik by train…

Low Countries, France.

Yugoslavia, Greece.



[] – Amerikas Griff nach der Weltmacht
[] – Churchill, Hitler und der Antisemitismus
[] – 1939 – The War That Had Many Fathers
[] – Hitler’s Preemptive War: The Battle for Norway, 1940
[] – 1940/41 – Die Eskalation des Zweiten Weltkriegs
[] – Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II

Ze hebben het er over “de duitse invasie van Noorwegen”.

Dit natrekken: William is played by Cassian Horowitz, the son of series creatorAnthony Horowitz.

Nuremberg show trial judge Jackson, in a separate preparatory meeting, admits to his co-victors that he can’t find proof that the Germans were waging aggressive war:

Peace time state-inflicted deaths on its own citizens (1933-1939)
Italy < 10
Germany 600
British empire 600
USSR millions

Source Evans.


Paul reads Protocols of Zion
Miracle of Dunkirk. There was no "miracle", Hitler let the British escape in an effort not to escalate the conflict.

Foyle’s War, the British fascist

A real British fascist, Oswald Mosley

Sir Oswald Mosley, eloquently explaining in 1975 why he was against WW2

Diverse links:

[thezog] – Who controls America?

Global GDP distribution 1941 in %:

USA 29
British Empire 11
France 5
Germany 11
Japan 6
Italy 5

Summary: Allies had 56%, Axis 22% share global GDP. In fact the Allies had much more as they managed to move Norway, Holland, Belgium, Yugoslavia and Greece away from neutrality. And then there was Poland.

FOYLE’S WAR – URGGH? by Toby Miller

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