Auschwitz Commander Hoess Testifies at Nuremberg

Note the headphones. They could have been used to instruct him what to say. The words come out in small portions with relatively long pauses, sufficiently long to receive the next batch of words, perhaps spoken by the German Jew and one of the masterminds of the trial Robert Kempner. Hoess was tortured in advance by the British Jew Bernard Clarke.

Rudolf Hoess at the mercy of Bernard Clarke.

What was WW2 anyway: a holocaust inflicted by the Germans on the Jews or a holocaust inflicted by the Jews on the Germans?

[] – Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 11, ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTH DAY – Monday, 15 April 1946 Morning Session
[rudolfhoess.wordpress] – The Torture and False Confession of Rudolf Höss
[] – How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss
[furtherglory.wordpress] – Why did Rudolf Hoess confess? The British “took it out of him with torture” says his 80-year-old daughter
[] – Daughter of Auschwitz commandant downplays Holocaust murders
[] – Mattogno – Commandant of Auschwitz – Rudolf Höss, His Torture and His Forced Confessions
[] – David Irving – Nuremberg, The Last Battle

The official death tally as compiled by the neutral Red Cross organisation, based on German records, including cause of death, usually typhus. Gassed: nobody. Nobody denies these figures. For the rest we have to believe Anglos and Soviets not to have lied in Nuremberg. Everybody knows that the Anglos and Soviets have never lied throughout their entire existence. The idea that the Alllies invented the Holocaust to create the moral patina as a justification for the establishment of their pre-planned new Europeans empires under immense human cost, must be dismissed as “anti-American” and “anti-Soviet” and we are all glad we are not like that. Seriously, in a democracy it is not allowed to break the law, like holocaust-denial laws. It is still very well allowed to protest against the existence of these laws under the motto “what do you have to hide, you leftist-globalist western lawmaker?” Expect the opportunity to overthrow these laws to rise after CW2.

The good news: The Anglo-Zionist nightmare is almost over.

[documents1940] – European-America is Over
[documents1940] – CW2 is brewing
[documents1940] – The Good News – ZOG Is Dying

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