Russia-Insider Articles

[] – How Powerful Jews Made Deal w/ UK to Drag US Into WW1 in Exchange for Palestine, 116K Americans Died

[] – Was Hitler’s Invasion of Russia Defensive, to Foil an Attack by Stalin?

[] – WW2 War Crimes of Churchill and the Americans Were Far Worse Than Hitler’s

[] – Another Holocaust Lie: 1.3M Jews Sent to Treblinka, Other Camps, Not Killed, They Were Transferred Elsewhere

[] – President Hoover’s Scathing History of WW2 Proves the US Fought on the Wrong Side

[] – Only 17% of Hungarians Believe the ‘Holocaust’ Happened, 21% in Poland

[] – Hitler Is Loved as a Hero Across Much of 3rd World – India, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Middle East

[] – Belief in the ‘Holocaust’ Is Crumbling Around the World, What Will the Consequences of this Earthquake Be?

[] – Putin Grovels in Israel About a ‘Holocaust’ that Never Happened, In Front of a People Who Genocided the Russians

[] – Why I Admire Stalin: He Stood Up to Jewish Power, Among Other Things

[] – They’re Even Admitting that the Slander of Dr. Mengele Was a Pack of Lies – the Last Days of the ‘Holocaust’ Myth

[] – Russia’s Fundamental Disagreement with the West About WWII, Hitler, Jews and Race

[] – Don’t Believe the Lies About the Dresden Casualties – At Least 250K Were Incinerated Alive

[] – Solzhenitsyn Is Widely Reviled in Russia as a Traitor – Once the Soviet Generation Passes, He Will be Seen As a Hero

[] – RT’s Excellent 2018 WW2 Documentary – ‘Corrects Distortions of Anglo Media’ (Full Video)

[] – US Entry into WWI Started Her Disastrous March to Empire

[] – Mainstream Holocaust Narrative ‘Substantially, if not Entirely, False’

[] – The Case That 9/11 Was an Israeli Attack on the US Is ‘Overwhelmingly Strong’ – Ron Unz

[] – Revelations from Goebbels’ Diary

[] – Outrage Against ‘Rising Jewish Hegemony’ Was Widespread Among Top US Military Brass Before and After WW2

[] – Did UK, Zionist, and Soviet Spies Assassinate Several Top US Politicians after WW2?

[] – How FDR Forced Japan to Attack Pearl Harbor While Lying About Trying to Avoid War

[] – Going Theory: Cave-Dweller in Afghanistan, 19 Friends Mastermind Devastating Attack on US

[] – Loyal-to-Israel Neocons Used 9/11 and Faked Bin Laden’s Death to Justify Two Decades of War

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