GRECE – Nouvelle Droite

The Gaullist geopolitics of the Nouvelle Droite: Europe of the Fatherlands

A few months before the May 1968 leftist insurrection with global reach began in Paris, a few men gathered in Nice, France to form the Nouvelle Droite movement (New Right), the only serious school of thought that can act as a counter weight against the Frankfurt School, that since 1968 has won the battle for western academia, media and government.

Now that it is obvious that the US empire has reached end-of-life status, it is time to unearth the Nouvelle Droite and use it as a foundation for what comes next: Paris-Berlin-Moscow.

Moi je dis qu’il faut faire l’Europe avec pour base un accord entre Français et Allemands. (…) Une fois l’Europe faite sur ces bases (…), alors, on pourra se tourner vers la Russie. Alors, on pourra essayer, une bonne fois pour toutes, de faire l’Europe tout entière avec la Russie aussi, dut-elle changer son régime. Voilà le programme des vrais Européens. Voilà le mien”.

Charles de Gaulle (1949)

I say that we have to build Europe on the basis of an agreement between the French and the Germans. (…) Once Europe is built on these bases (…), then we can turn to Russia. Then we can try, once and for all, to make all of Europe with Russia too, if she had to change her regime. This is the program of true Europeans. Here is mine”.

And that is one! Adenauer and de Gaulle, the birth of the French-German axis…

And that is two! Add Russia to the French-German axis and we have more than enough gravitas to step outside of the shadow of Washington, regain European sovereignty and status of premier address on the planet, it always had since the Roman Era, interrupted only briefly during the Anglo-Soviet globalist Era.


[] – Nouvelle Droite (1968)
[] – GRECE
[] – European New Right
[] – Carrefour de l’Horloge (Club de l’Horloge, 1974–2015)
[] – Terre et Peuple (Vial, 1994)
[] – Identitarian Movement
[] – Front national

Nouvelle Droite Figure Heads

Alain de Benoiste (married to a German woman)

[] – Alain de Benoist (1943)
[] – Pierre Vial (1942)
[] – Jean-Claude Valla (1944-2010)
[] – Dominique Venner (1935-2013)
[] – Guillaume Faye (1949-2019)

Influential Outsiders

[] – Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937)
[] – Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)
[] – Carl Schmitt (1888-1985)
[] – Julius Evola (1898-1974)
[] – Oswald Spengler (1880-1936)
[] – Martin Heidegger (1889-1976)


Alain de Benoist

[] – Bibliographie
[documents1940] – On Being a Pagan
[] – Indo-Europeens
[] – On Identity
[] – Les traditions d’Europe (1996)
[] – Contre le libéralisme : La société n’est pas un marché (2019)

Guillaume Faye

[] – Pourquoi Nous Combattons Manifeste de la Resistance Europ. (2010)
[] – L’Archéofuturisme (2011)
[] – Avant-guerre : Chronique d’un cataclysme annoncé (2002)
[] – Nouveau discours à la nation européenne (2000)
[] – Comprendre l’Islam (2015)
[] – Colonisation de l’Europe (2008)

Dominique Venner

[] – Histoire et tradition des Européens : 30 000 ans d’identité
[] – The Shock of History: Religion, Memory, Identity


[] – Éléments


[documents1940] – Paris-Berlin-Moscow
[] – The long game of the European New Right
[] – Michael O’Meara – The Geopolitics of the Paris-Berlin-Moscow Axis
[] – Henri de Grossouvre, “Paris, Berlin, Moscow” (2004)
[] – The French Far Right in Russia’s Orbit
[er-idf.over-blog] – Alain de Benoist parle de Nietzsche
[] – Metapolitics
[] – Conservative Revolution (Germany, 1918–1933)
[] – Dr. Tamir Bar-On: “Alain de Benoist: Neo-fascism with a human face?”
[eurosiberia] – Alain de Benoist – “Parijs – Berlijn – Moskou, de as die Washington doet beven”, 2004

Chinese geopolitical Ideas. An identitarian world order, dominated by Greater Europe and China. The last line in the sidebar reads: “if Europe is willing to commit, that is”. Of course Europe should be willing to commit. Europe can’t dominate the world again, like it did between 1492-1939, too great was the WW1/WW2-damage, but it can still be its premier address.

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