Februari 14, 1945


Them Again, Plotting For War in Europe

The ever disgusting George Friedman elaborating on US objectives in Europe. Hint: not peace. Cynical to the highest degree. Absolutely unproblematic to throw this fellow in a railcar. This little monster held his talk in 2015. Unfortunately for this war monger, one year later his tribe lost control over the US to Donald Trump, at least temporarily. But more likely they lost the US for ever. Because the signs are that Trump’s electorate won’t volunteer to let itself being pushed in minority status, which is the intention of the Friedman tribe. Fortunately for white America they have Europe, Russia and China standing by, all 2 billion of them, to come to their aid, in order to give Washington a thorough haircut, because really everybody and his mother have enough of the US.

Co-tribalists Friedman and Roth smell the chance to sow mayhem in Eastern Europe, in an attempt to blow up the EU. In 1939 the Americans like Friedman and Roth used the Poles as useful idiots to get WW2 started. This time they could try to use the Ukraine as the next useful idiot to attempt to initiate a war in Europe.

A few months after this Roth fellow was plotting for war in Europe with fellow tribesman Friedman, he had to confess in Vancouver that he was concerned about the possibility of a civil war in the US. Well mr Roth, if you are so keen on war in Europe, you certainly have to hurry up, because soon you won’t have a tool anymore to hit the world with. The very world that is very well in the position to hit you!

[cw2 brewing]

Same people, same motivations

Germans Prefer Eurasia Over America

According to an American-friendly source, the Atlantik-Bruecke (“Atlantic Bridge”), 85% of the Germans have negative views on America and little trust. Very few see a threat in Russia or China.

[atlantik-bruecke.org] – Vertrauen in der Krise
[rt.com] – Most Germans see relations with US as ‘negative,’ while less than 2% name Russia as threat
[wikipedia.org] – Atlantik-Brücke

Zwarte Soldaten

Zwarte Soldaten (“Black Soldiers”). The Dutch in the SS.

Disclaimer: we’re not “Nazis”, that doesn’t mean anything in 2019. Historic Nazism essentially was about 1) overturning Versailles, 2) restoring the territorial integrity of the Reich and 3) preventing “Jewish communism” from taking over Germany, like it had done to Russia. We’re not even (hardcore) nationalists or “Germanic-only”, but instead pan-European neo-Gaullists, aiming at a Europe ranging from the Atlantic to the Urals (and Wladiswostok, sorry China). A more right-wing Europe-for-the-Europeans EU, if you will, including Russia, within existing borders, as well as parts of the US and Quebec, if they choose to join voluntarily. Like Bolshevism, multiculturalism will be another buried ideology. All the Anglo-Soviet-centric stories, promoted by the mass-media, will be subjected to thorough review, ALL of them. Historic truth, not ideology or wishful thinking, should be the guiding principle and always remain open to further debate and free speech.

Post-Brexit Britain can revitalize relations with Anglo-Canada and Down-Under and add meaning to Brexit as the protector of Australia against a Chinese takeover, using its nukes as a deterrent.

The Good News – ZOG Is Dying


Shabby Paul Krugmann just expressed his deep pessimism regarding the future of the West in an interview with the German der Spiegel. He should be, the West is nearly over, poisoned by its own fake modernist ideals.


In 2017, Bloomberg admits that the century-old American dream of ramming the entire world in its empire, will not materialize.


By the end of 2018, Hillary Clinton expressed her deep concern in that she announced that Europe needs to curtail its immigration from the third world, otherwise European establishment will lose political power by handing it over to the populists.


Former German foreign minister and Madeleine Albright’s darling Joshka Fisher has written a book, painting the same bleak picture of the “Declining West”.


Presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan wrote this book in 2002. He correctly predicted the fall of the West as the result of unrestricted third world immigration.


“‘Europe is coming apart before our eyes’: 30 leading historians and writers including Ian McEwan and Simon Schama warn of the rise of populism ahead of Brexit”

Our response to the Death of the West: die already f*cker, die!