Britain Masterminded WW1


The past two centuries have been the centuries of the dominance of Anglosphere, first the British empire and now the American empire. This is reflected in this overview of subsequent reserve currencies over the past six centuries, showing that every century has a new ‘top dog’ (Portugal, Spain, Holland, France, Britain, USA)…

Reserve Currency Status

Another indicator for the might of a political entity is the GDP, showing that China is well on its way to become the top dog of the 21st century and could replace the US, that in its turn began to replace the British Empire in the twenties:

[Deutsche Bank]

But China is not of interest here, it is The Great War or First World War as it became known after World War Two. Most people, who are not professional historians paid by a government, will accept that history is written by the victors. Or that victors can enforce that the defeated party, in casu Germany, signs war guilt clauses, like happened in Versailles and Nuremberg.

So if the historical truth is generally distorted by the victor(s), what can be said now, one century later, about who was really responsible for the outbreak of World War One?

On the night of 30-31st of July, 1914, feeling entrapped by a seemingly inevitable march of events, the German Kaiser Wilhelm mused to himself doomily:

‘Frivolity and weakness are going to plunge the world into the most frightful war of which the ultimate object is the overthrow of Germany. For I no longer have any doubt that England, Russia and France have agreed among themselves – knowing that our treaty obligations compel us to support Austria – to use the Austro-Serb conflict as a pretext for waging a war of annihilation against us… In this way the stupidity and clumsiness of our ally [Austria] is turned into a noose. So the celebrated encirclement of Germany has finally become an accepted fact… The net has suddenly been closed over our heads, and the purely anti-German policy which England has been scornfully pursuing all over the world has won the most spectacular victory which we have proved ourselves powerless to prevent while they, having got us despite our struggles all alone into the net through our loyalty to Austria, proceed to throttle our political and economic existence. A magnificent achievement, which even those for whom it means disaster are bound to admire.’

The Kaiser was entirely correct.

Earlier this year we commemorated that 100 years ago World War One (WW1) broke out. Today no serious continental European historian will accept the victor’s verdict of Versailles: “Germany is guilty”. Instead the consensus is that the Great Powers ‘stumbled into war‘, ‘it was a chain reaction’ really, a mutual suicide, an ‘accumulation of misjudgments & shortsightedness’ that led to the disaster.

All rubbish.

The Scottish authors Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor in their new book have meticulously shown that WW1 was long planned in advance by Great-Britain. They debunk that Germany was to be blamed for the war. It was Great-Britain that managed to draw France and Russia into a coalition against Germany, with the sole purpose of conserving the preeminent position of the British empire, by destroying the rising power Germany. That truth can easily be distilled from the war aims of the parties involved:

  • Britain: wanted to destroy a rising Germany that was seen as a threat to the supremacy of the British Empire.
  • Russia: wanted to dominate Bulgaria and control the Bosporus
  • France: wanted German speaking Alsace-Lorraine back, lost in 1871
  • Germany: had no territorial or other aims other than to prevent becoming destroyed

Mastermind of World War One Britain managed to unite the ambitions mentioned above into a single coalition with the aim to destroy Germany. In the end they prevailed, because they could make a Balfour deal with the US ‘Zionist Lobby’ du jour: “we British give you Palestine, if you bring your Americans on our side into the war”. And not even that was enough to bring the Germans down. In the end they trusted the Americans (Wilson’s peace plan) and prematurely disarmed and that broke their backs.

The interpretation of history, the guardianship of history is presently owned by Anglosphere, because they have the power to do so, at the cost of continental Europe. But many, including us, foresee a rapid decline of US power in the coming years, offering the opportunity to correct the self-serving historic lies that define western culture of today and lay the foundation for a renaissance of European civilization, centered around the coming Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation that will replace the dying West.

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Gibraltar, the Danzig of WW3

There are several potential flash-points from where WW3, that is the war between Eurasia and Anglosphere, could erupt. Such as there are the South China Sea, the Persian Gulf, Syria and Venezuela, to name a few. Since today we have a new flash-point: Gibraltar, or what the ancient Greeks called the “Pillars of Hercules“, guarding access to the Mediterranean and from there the Black Sea and Suez Canal.

The UK has made it clear it no longer wants to be a friend of Europe, that’s OK, your choice. We are not going to bomb you back in the EU. However, the idea that the UK can now keep a hold on one of the most strategic locations in Europe, the next super-power, is a little too UK-imperial. Gibraltar was captured by military force by a Dutch-British task-force in 1704, it will be taken back soon by Spain, also by military force, if necessary. Europe just gave Spain the free hand and the latter will wait for the proper occasion.

What would be the consequences of such a move? It is unlikely that Britain will start a war against Spain over Gibraltar. More likely would be that the US could consider to intervene militarily and come to the aid of their little UK side-kick. Initially they could succeed, but at an extremely high cost: the humiliation of NATO-ally Spain as well as the EU. Gone would be Spain as a tourist destination for Brits. Gone too would be the (totally fake) idea of America as the Anglo liberator of Europe, rather than what is really was and is: the colonizer and multicult oppressor of Europe. Expect that a lot of bored-to-death freelance fighters from all over Europe (including Russia) would volunteer to fight for Gibraltar. If the US would chose to escalate, the last hurdles for the EU to team up with Russia and China and Iran would melt away and WW3 would be a fact, the very WW3 that could easily trigger CW2.

[] – EU ‘will back Spain’s claim to Gibraltar and give Madrid the power to exclude the Rock from a future Brexit trade deal’
[] – Gibraltar
[] – China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade

View from Africa

EU-US Card Game: “You Get England, We Get Russia”


[] – Macron-Vertrauter droht Briten mit “wirtschaftlichem No-Deal”.

Macron’s confidant and EU-representative Pascal Canfin says that Britain will never get a better deal than they had when they were in the EU. Britain should not expect any favors.

[] – Brexit trade talks: EU to back Spain over Gibraltar claims

Friends no more, the Eurasian geopolitical anti-Anglo battle has begun. We’re back at 1938 and an EU-Russia-China deal can be easily made. Expect the WW1, WW2 holohoax lies to fall next. Won’t be long until we have an Iron Curtain 2.0 installed, this time in the Channel and Russian nukes installed along the Atlantic. Life just has become interesting again.

[] – “The future is bright – but we must be prepared to walk away without an EU trade deal”, says Ueber-Brexiteer Ian Duncan Smith

Eastern Europe and even more Russia, not to mention Ukraine, may still be a little shabby, yet they possess THE major trump-card for white survival: a total lack of political correctness, as they were merely trapped in economic communism, where North-America is trapped in a far more damaging racial communism. A useless leftist economic system like central planning can be abolished with a stroke of pen. You admittedly will suffer a very difficult decade to go through the necessary systemic change, but once you have that behind you, the only way is up, provided you enjoy competent leadership (yes, you Vlad!).

Racial communism in contrast can’t be abolished overnight, you cannot eliminate diversity with a stroke of a pen. The only realistic way out is balkanization, the alternative being racial bolshevation, to be expected for the US after 2024, once the Democrats will finally get the upper-hand over the Republicans, for ever, for demographic reasons. The latter would look like this:

These darkies are geopolitical gold for Eurasia, since they corner white competence, the very white competence that since 1933 was used for kosher interests at the cost of Europe, Vietnam, Middle-East and others. We should have no pity with these Anglos. Our message to them should be: become European (Anglo lingo: “white nationalist”) and we bail you out, provided you get your sorry ass moving and revolt.

North-Americans could become the first whites in world history to be forced to live under the whip of coloreds, should give you a clear indication how morally weak they are. Rather than for us continental Europeans to gloat about this development, we should understand the enormous geopolitical opportunity this offers for reassertion of European power, that is Paris-Berlin-Moscow (PBM), and regain planetary pole position, like we had since the days of the Roman empire until 1939, when ZOG-USA, ZOG-USSR and ZOG-UK teamed up to destroy the European world, including Britain.

But this is no longer 1945 and everybody smells what’s coming:

[] – ‘US losing world leadership, Europe can replace it’ – EU top diplomat Mogherini

[documents1940] – Vladimir Putin about Paris-Berlin-Moscow
[documents1940] – Boreas Rising, the Geopolitics of the Paris-Berlin-Moscow Axis

Assuming that Trump gets reelected, in no small measure thanks to the impeachment farce, Americans are faced with a stark choice in 2024: either revolt or roll over and die. Americans need to remember “1776”, where Europeans played the decisive role in achieving independence from Britain. That scenario could be repeated, although this time it ain’t the British that need a geopolitical hair-cut, but another ethnic group, you are not supposed to mention in polite company.

After CW2 and subsequent breakup, the viable (white) parts of North-America could be parked in a global European culture circle (“Eurosphere“). Exceptionalism would be over and 120 million Heartland “cowboys” would be the junior of PBM (Quebec would line up with France and Anglo-Canada with England). This scenario is way preferable over being the despised majority in a bolshevised North-America. You may call Europeans arrogant and fascists and even have a point, but at least we would not fire-bomb your cities or rape your women; we are after all not Americans. And we would not tell you around the clock how horrible you are and that you need to race-mix and phase yourself out of history.

Think about it.

Rejoice, Europe Got Rid of The English Trojan Horse!

Top 20 Dutch opinionleader Joris Luyendijk is a typical leftist Anglophile, but also a Europhile and since Brexit, that is difficult to combine. He lived and worked in Britain 2011-2017, but has meanwhile left the country, because of Brexit, which he hates. His advice to Brussels: let Britain bleed for this Brexit stunt [1:25].

[] – Joris Luyendijk

We agree. Brussels needs to understand that the EU has ZERO interest in doing Britain any favors. The last thing you want to see happening is a flourishing Britain, or rather a flourishing Etonite business over-class and an impoverished commoner under-class. The same flag-waving commoner idiots that were duped into thinking that Brexit was about them, just like they were duped into thinking that WW2 was in their interest, will soon wake up in a nightmare. If we allow Britain to cherry-pick the EU, Britain would become a ticking time-bomb under the EU, providing excuses to continental European populists to push for their local version of Brexit as well, undoing the magnificent work that has been done by great Europeans from Adenauer and de Gaulle, Schmidt and Giscard, Kohl and Mitterrand, Schroeder and Chirac and finally Macron and the not so great Merkel. And in the end let Europe either remain to be a US colony, or more likely after the now immanent CW2 in the US, a Chinese colony.

Reims, 1962. Reconciliation ceremony France and Germany with president Charles de Gaulle and chancellor Konrad Adenauer.

The EU needs to set a harsh example with Britain to demonstrate what happens to those who undermine the European project. We shouldn’t have any illusions: Britain will instinctively fall back to its traditional “Splendid Isolation” policy and seek to undermine European unity, approvingly supported from behind by the US, that sees Europe as an Anglo colony, regardless who runs the show in Washington, a half-baked white nationalist Trump or the kosher Sanhedrin. We cannot afford to see Britain as anything but a geopolitical adversary as of 2020. Don’t ignore the signs:

[documents1940] – Barnier & Verhofstadt: “Farage Wants to Destroy the EU”
[] – The Eurosceptic mission will not be over until the EU withers away
[] – Farage Says Denmark, Poland, Italy Could Be Next to Leave EU

Do we need to deplore the departure of Britain? Not really. Because we have a potent replacement for Britain, a country that passionately wants to become European since the days of czar Peter the Great and that country is Russia. After the collapse of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev expressed his wish for Russia to become a tenant of the “Common European Home“. Unfortunately, Europe, under American pressure, left the Russians largely out in the cold, with the notable exception of Chirac and Schroeder, who teamed up with president Putin and refused to participate in the Iraq invasion, based on lies and deceit.

Putin, Chirac, Schroeder, refusing to participate in the failed Iraq-safari, doing irreparable damage to the PNAC project: this is the Gaullist Europe we should aim for.

French president Macron has shown that he understands the signs of the time and has begun to rediscover the Gaullist roots of France, called NATO “braindead” and Russia “deeply European” and insists that Russia needs to be part of a common European security architecture, in line with the geopolitical design of the Greatest European of them All, Charles de Gaulle:

Pour moi j’ai, de tous temps, mais aujourd’hui plus que jamais, ressenti ce qu’ont en commun les nations qui la peuplent [l’Europe]. Toutes étant de même race blanche, de même origine chrétienne, de même manière de vivre, liées entre elles depuis toujours par d’innombrables relations de pensée, d’art, de science, de politique, de commerce, il est conforme à leur nature qu’elles en viennent à former un tout, ayant au milieu du monde son caractère et son organisation.

(What Europe has in common: white race, mutual Christian roots, a similar way of living, connected through innumerable relationships of thought, art, science, politics, commerce, it is in accordance with their nature that they come to form a whole, having in the middle of the world its character and its organization.)

And here his geopolitical views:

Moi je dis qu’il faut faire l’Europe avec pour base un accord entre Français et Allemands. (…) Une fois l’Europe faite sur ces bases (…), alors, on pourra se tourner vers la Russie. Alors, on pourra essayer, une bonne fois pour toutes, de faire l’Europe tout entière avec la Russie aussi, dut-elle changer son régime. Voilà le programme des vrais Européens. Voilà le mien”.

Charles de Gaulle (1949)

(I say that we must make Europe on the basis of an agreement between the French and the Germans. (…) Once Europe is built on these foundations (…), then we can turn to Russia. So we can try, once and for all, to make the whole of Europe with Russia too, should she change her regime. This is the program of true Europeans. Here is mine”.)

[] – Paris-Berlin-Moscou

No need for England, that Batman-USA’s little helper Robin.

Regime change has meanwhile occurred in Russia, first half-baked in 1991, turning the country in a US kosher oligarch annex and for real after 2000, when the greatest statesman of the 21st century so far, Vladimir Putin, appeared on the scene and made short shrift with said oligarchs.

God loves Europeans after all! We just got rid of the saboteurs of Europe par excellence, fulfilling the predictions of Charles de Gaulle, the last European white nationalist in office:

[] – Brexit Happening: Charles de Gaulle, Noted Anglo-Skeptic, Vindicated Beyond the Grave

We continental Europeans should not waste this opportunity, unexpectedly thrown into our laps and go for the geopolitical gold, enabled by letting Russia joining the European Common Home:

[] – ‘US losing world leadership, Europe can replace it’ – EU top diplomat Mogherini

Eurasia has meanwhile won the competition on international markets against the Anglos:

[] – List of countries by current account balance

Country Surplus in Billion $
1. Germany 295
2. Japan 195
3. China 165
4. Netherlands 81
192. Canada -49
193. India -57
194. UK -107
195. USA -466

There are 195 countries in the world and the Anglos represent the bottom of the barrel. Note, these figures apply to the situation before the Boeing Mad Max 737 disaster happened. The fact that America has lost the competition becomes obvious from the protectionist measures Trump was forced to install in order to shield America off from Chinese competition. Based on racial quality alone, the “huddled masses” of North-America and descendants of the underclasses and losers of Europe, can be trusted to operate on the level of a prosperous Balkan country, say Slovenia. They already have the corresponding FLOTUS. The reason why they are much more prosperous than that is because of their dollar reserve currency, responsible for ca. 35-40% undeserved GDP, after the motto: “you work for a living, we print for a living”. A system that was brought in place by the same satanic kosher over-class that masterminded WW2, using the good services of their clueless Anglo and Soviet water carriers against the European Mother Civilization.

With 640 million citizens and all the hydrogen bombs we will ever need to keep the globalist Anglo-Zionist predators at bay, we can finally reassert European power and set ourselves up as the premier address of the white race on earth, while at the same time the kosher over-class of the Anglos drowns their hapless Anglo foot-soldiers demographically in the third world, all the while weakening their own geopolitical clout, while descending into third world insignificance.

Geopolitical world map according to George Orwell in his ‘1984’: Euro-Siberia (Christian State, white race, Greek-Roman-Christian heritage), Oceania (Judaic State, Anglosphere, mongrelized), China (Confucian State, Han-Chinese) and ‘disputed territories’ (Islamic State). This is the geopolitical map that is emerging under our eyes.”.

Brexit and Trump are the beginning of the end of the West or the end of that stinking US empire, intentionally established in 1945, after the kosher over-classes of the US and USSR teamed up in 1933 and systematically began to set Europe up for war, making use of the good services of the best politician jewish money can buy Winston Churchill and useful idiot Poland.

[] – Berlusconi campaign for Europe to become ‘world military power’

Post Brexit ToDo-list:

  • Rapidly get serious with that EU-army, mr. Macron, we are going to need it!
  • Keep telling the British how much we love them, but let them feel they are the junior now and we the senior and that we won’t allow them to undercut first world European standards with second world Anglo standards (chlorinated chickens, puss milk, hormone-treated beef, etc.). If not, no deal it is, WTO-trade will rule and next enjoy the sight of the M2 and M20 turning into one giant open air warehouse of unsold goods, followed by a wave of layoffs and practice in suppressing smirks.
  • Use Trump’s insistence that Europe should pay more for defense to create an EU-army that eventually can intervene in North-America once civil war will be a fact. An independent America was a mistake and should never have existed.
  • Issue an arrest warrant for George Soros for multicultural crimes against European civilization.
  • Cancel all laws that are in place to suppress free debate about anything related to WW1, WW2, holocaust, etc. We have zero interest to keep upholding all the Anglo self-serving lies. The new viewpoints will be: 1. WW1 was masterminded by the British to defend the supremacy of the British empire. 2. WW2 was masterminded by the US (read: global organized jewry) to intentionally destroy the European world in a conspiracy with the USSR as of 1933. 3. Holocaust: give us the name and proof of a single jew who was gassed in gas-chamber and we’ll shut up about holocaust revisionism.
  • We should not break with the US, but patiently and respectfully wait for the opportunity to eventually rake in the cowboy heartland after CW2 from a balkanized USA, set up a Bretton Woods 2.0, boiling down to abolishing the Fed and let said cowboys pay in euro, the currency of the white race.
  • Give the finger to Donnie and complete Nord Stream 2 as fast as possible.
  • It is only a matter of time until Spain will get the nod by Paris-Berlin-Moscow-Beijing to take back Gibraltar. Oh wait… [UPDATE 1 Feb]
  • Organise the greatest military parade in world history of combined EU soldiers, including Russia, just to make a geopolitical point.
  • Multiculturalism will be abolished soon as the official European ideology, in line with the rising power of the populists. Either other mainstream parties accept that or face abolishing their EU project. We want a world with a Europe and an Africa, we do not want two Africa’s. Mrs von der Leyen made a promising start with her support for the protection of European life, regardless how much British lefties cried foul, the very British lefties we just got rid off, thank God. The shithole ideologies “globalism” and “multiculturalism” are just good enough for our Anglo friends, so Eurasia can enjoy the upcoming spectacle of the Babylonian melting pot turning into an exploding pressure cooker. Afterwards, continental Europe merely needs to pick up and park the viable parts into Eurosphere, where China will be rewarded with Australia, just like the US rewarded the USSR with Eastern Europe in 1945.
  • There will likely emerge a competition between the EU and UK about who can wreck the other first. Where the UK sort of succeeded in WW1 and WW2 (by doing immense damage to itself and blowing up its empire), the geopolitical cards are now distributed entirely different. Scotland could very well be the next Kosovo. Rise Braveheart, rise! Scotland is perhaps the oldest independent country in Europe, between 0-1700 (history map).
  • The way to get rid of the US empire is for Europe, Russia and China to appear in front of the cameras of the international press, telling that:
    1. Eurasia withdraws from all US-based global institutions (UN+SC+IMF+WB+etc)
    2. Criminalizing the use of the dollar for transactions in Eurasia, causing Eurasians to have second thoughts about getting paid in dollar you can’t use in Eurasia. Exit dollar, US can no longer afford Eurasian produce –> US implodes because the diversity no longer gets subsidized on the cheap –> CW2

    This may sound harsh and it IS, but as your deep stater Madeline Albright uses to say in those cases: “it is worth it” (well, from a European perspective).

    No need for an EU-army to storm the beaches of South-Carolina Normandy-1944 style, we only need to weaponize US whitey in CW2 and when it is all over, the Europeans will come up with a Bretton Woods 2.0, boiling down to: Heartland cowboys paying in euro’s.

  • When England no longer has an “Anglo-American hinterland”, it will be deprived of its preferred globalist Anglo-centric geopolitical option and will be forced to be “somewhat European”. Expect an English equivalent of Lech Walesa (Tommy Robinson comes to mind) to taken over and end globalism/multicult in England and restore Merry Olde England. Let them run large parts of Anglo-Canada and pump some meaning into Brexit, after the fact.

Brexit Party Unmasked

There are still those who claim that Brexit was about preserving British identity and directed against immigration. Perhaps it was, well among the Brexit voters. But if you hear Brexit Party representatives talk, you know better what Brexit is really about: halting WHITE immigration from Eastern Europe and replace it with English speaking dark immigration from the Commonwealth, all in the interest of English businesses, not of the English commoner. The latter is facing a low-standards, low-income, low-tax business haven, with ever more darkening neighborhoods, except for the entrepreneurs and their gated communities. Britain in the eyes of the Brexiteers is supposed to mimic the US and become oligarch country. Kiss your NHS goodbye, that is too expensive. Just buy yourself a private insurance with an American insurance company, buying American pharmaceuticals. Expect England (minus Scotland?) to become swallowed by the US as an easy piece of meat.

[] – Brexit Party politician says that the EU is institutionally racist and too white. He wants more diversity…

[] – Brexit Party MEP brands EU ‘white slave masters’ who only let black people in to clean toilets

[DailyMail] – More black people will be allowed into Britain if we leave the EU and immigration will become a ‘non-issue’, says Nigel Farage

[documents1940] – Boris Johnson, Brexit and the Deep State

Even British “white nationalists” like Nick Griffin, who should know better, voted for Brexit. Don’t waste time on people who don’t want to be saved. Without Britain, Europe can take a sharp turn to the right and turn to Russia and China and its New Silk Road project and erase the dollar from Eurasia and together withdraw from the UN. Exit US empire, exit multicult in Europe.

Brexit, bye-bye Merry Old England

John Wear on Germany’s War

Establishment historians characterize National Socialist Germany as a uniquely barbaric, vile and criminal regime that was totally responsible for starting World War II and carrying out some of the most heinous war crimes in world history. Germany’s War by John Wear refutes this characterization of Germany, bringing history into accord with the facts. Germany’s War documents that the Allied leaders of the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States were primarily responsible for starting and prolonging World War II-costing million of lives. Far from being the conqueror of Europe, Adolf Hitler saved it from Stalin. The leaders of Great Britain and America also adopted policies designed to force war with Germany. Britain’s unconditional guarantee to Poland led to horrific acts of violence against Poland’s ethnic Germans and, thus, Germany was forced to invade Poland to end these atrocities. Franklin Roosevelt’s numerous provocations, including a shoot-on-sight policy against German shipping and leaked plans of a U.S. invasion of Germany, forced Germany to declare war on the U.S. despite Hitler’s desire for peace. This book also reports the Allied mass murder of the German people after the end of World War II during which the Allies-led by General Dwight D. Eisenhower-murdered approximately 1.5 million German prisoners of war through intentional starvation and exposure to the elements. Probably a minimum 2.1 million ethnic Germans expelled from their homes also died in what was supposed to be an “orderly and humane” relocation. Finally, the Allies murdered millions of additional Germans through intentional starvation after the war ended-plus much, much more. Deluxe softcover, 508 pages, illustrated, 350+ bibliographical entries, 1,000+ index entries, 1,000+ footnotes

[] – GERMANY’S WAR: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of WW2 (2015)
[] – The book “Germany’s War” is online
[wearswar] – Wears War on the Lies, Liars & WW2
[] – Columnist John Wear
[] – Why the Holocaust Story Was Invented
[] – Germans Cut Through Red Army in 1941 Because Soviets Were Only Prepared to Attack

EU, Get Serious With Your Army!

[] – Boris Johnson will ‘sabotage’ the EU by vetoing its budget and causing diplomatic havoc if Brussels forces him to delay Brexit

[documents1940] – Barnier & Verhofstadt: “Farage Wants to Destroy the EU”

We shouldn’t have any illusions about Brexit or the English (Scots are different). The UK just blew up the peace order in Europe. Attempts to destroy the EU will be their next move. It is high time to review all these self-serving Anglo tales about WW1 and WW2 and cleanse ourselves from toxic Anglo influence. It’s time to realize our immense combined strength of 640 million as well as unparalleled technological excellence and team up with Russia and China and demolish the US empire and their water carriers in London and prepare for a truly multi-polar world based on identity and religion, rather than a UN talking club with the “winners of WW2” as its core members. It is high time to rearm, most of all super-sonic missiles, deployable against navy and airforce. Accept the New Silk Road as the economic backbone of the planet. Astana in Kazakhstan, halfway Greater Europe and China should replace New York as diplomatic capital of the world. Brussels should be closed down and Prague should become the new capital of Europe, to accommodate for Eastern Europe and Russia. And signal to the Chinese that we are not going to defend Australia, provided the Australians are treated properly and allowed to withdraw to white lands in Eurasia or North-America.

Potential applications European Army:

– strengthen authority Libyan government over entire Libya. Purpose: set up a EU supervised border guard in the South to prevent influx of African invaders.
– European navy patrolling the Mediterranean against invaders and throw them back onto African shores.
– potential invasion of South-Africa if an anti-white genocide would occur.
– evacuation of Australians in the case of a Chinese take-over.
– evacuation of Israelis to Upstate New York once Turkey and Iran will take over Palestine.
– protect offshore wind energy parks against potential British sabotage acts.
– protect Gibraltar.
– guarantee Irish membership of the EU in case the US-left would win CW2 and Orwell’s Oceania would be a fact.
– guarantee Scottish independence.
– potentially guarantee Irish reunification.
– most important: protect European lives in North-America.


Against common wisdom, in reality, post-1945 US-occupied Britain was one of the biggest losers of WW2 in geopolitical terms. Thanks to “ally” US, that intentionally set up Britain to get the war started in Europe, they lost the largest empire in world history, only to be itself swallowed in the next empire, the US one and being exposed to the most corrosive ideologies, after Bolshevism, namely multicult. Thanks to US influence, capital London is no longer an English city.