Zwarte Soldaten

Zwarte Soldaten (“Black Soldiers”). The Dutch in the SS.

Disclaimer: we’re not “Nazis”, that doesn’t mean anything in 2019. Historic Nazism essentially was about 1) overturning Versailles, 2) restoring the territorial integrity of the Reich and 3) preventing “Jewish communism” from taking over Germany, like it had done to Russia. We’re not even (hardcore) nationalists or “Germanic-only”, but instead pan-European neo-Gaullists, aiming at a Europe ranging from the Atlantic to the Urals (and Wladiswostok, sorry China). A more right-wing Europe-for-the-Europeans EU, if you will, including Russia, within existing borders, as well as parts of the US and Quebec, if they choose to join voluntarily. Like Bolshevism, multiculturalism will be another buried ideology. All the Anglo-Soviet-centric stories, promoted by the mass-media, will be subjected to thorough review, ALL of them. Historic truth, not ideology or wishful thinking, should be the guiding principle and always remain open to further debate and free speech.

Post-Brexit Britain can revitalize relations with Anglo-Canada and Down-Under and add meaning to Brexit as the protector of Australia against a Chinese takeover, using its nukes as a deterrent.