John Wear on Germany’s War

Establishment historians characterize National Socialist Germany as a uniquely barbaric, vile and criminal regime that was totally responsible for starting World War II and carrying out some of the most heinous war crimes in world history. Germany’s War by John Wear refutes this characterization of Germany, bringing history into accord with the facts. Germany’s War documents that the Allied leaders of the Soviet Union, Great Britain and the United States were primarily responsible for starting and prolonging World War II-costing million of lives. Far from being the conqueror of Europe, Adolf Hitler saved it from Stalin. The leaders of Great Britain and America also adopted policies designed to force war with Germany. Britain’s unconditional guarantee to Poland led to horrific acts of violence against Poland’s ethnic Germans and, thus, Germany was forced to invade Poland to end these atrocities. Franklin Roosevelt’s numerous provocations, including a shoot-on-sight policy against German shipping and leaked plans of a U.S. invasion of Germany, forced Germany to declare war on the U.S. despite Hitler’s desire for peace. This book also reports the Allied mass murder of the German people after the end of World War II during which the Allies-led by General Dwight D. Eisenhower-murdered approximately 1.5 million German prisoners of war through intentional starvation and exposure to the elements. Probably a minimum 2.1 million ethnic Germans expelled from their homes also died in what was supposed to be an “orderly and humane” relocation. Finally, the Allies murdered millions of additional Germans through intentional starvation after the war ended-plus much, much more. Deluxe softcover, 508 pages, illustrated, 350+ bibliographical entries, 1,000+ index entries, 1,000+ footnotes

[] – GERMANY’S WAR: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of WW2 (2015)
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WW3 to Terminate the US Empire aka the West?

The Russians…

…and the Chinese know from what angle the danger is coming from and are prepared.

Just like a human gets 80 years or so, the past 500 years have shown that a “geopolitical top dog” gets 100 years. That would mean that the US empire is about to die. There is not going to be a neocon New American Century. Tellingly the PNAC website no longer exists.

EU chieftain Juncker making fun of the declining importance of English after Brexit.

[] – “US losing world leadership, Europe can replace it” – EU top diplomat Mogherini

A general pattern is that in geopolitics the #2 and #3 can combine forces at the cost of #1. Britain has done that for 500 years with its Balance of Power doctrine, in sequence: Spain, Holland, France and Germany but now that policy has been made obsolete by the existence of the EU. And it happened in the thirties when the US and USSR conspired to get Europe destroyed (forget all the self-serving lies from the Anglo-Soviet Nuremberg victors kangaroo court). Could it be that Juncker, Putin and Xi already have a mutual understanding about how the world should look like after American hegemony? It would explain the statements made by Juncker and Mogherini above.

This is a Chinese map depicting their giant New Silk Road project. It is clearly a tellurocratic response to (supposedly) Anglo thalassocratic hegemony, the latter btw based on 1940’s naval technology and now largely made impotent through the existence of hyper-sonic missiles against which no defense exists, yet the US spends 40% of its military budget on its navy. Note that the Chinese have already factored in that Russia will be European.

The rise of China and decline of America in a single graph.

President Vladimir Putin says from [16:27] – “In this regard I think of the Gaullist tradition and general Charles de Gaulle who protected France’s sovereignty. I think this deserves respect. And there is another eample: Francois Mitterrand spoke of a European confederation with Russia as a member. I think this opportunity still exists. We will have it in the future“.

Mind you, he said this after Euro-Maidan. Vladimir Putin as the Charles de Gaulle of the 21st century. Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Russia is an inalienable and organic part of Greater Europe and European civilization. Our citizens think of themselves as Europeans. We are by no means indifferent to developments in united Europe.”

[] – Russia and the changing world

How strong is America anyway? In WW2 they showed up in continental Europe in 1944 when the show was already almost over and mainly excelled in bombing defenseless women and children and nuking entire cities. They got their asses kicked by tiny North-Vietnam and essentially failed in subjugating Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, not to mention Lebanon and Somalia. That’s not a very impressive record. Moreover, in 2018, only 46% below 20 year old is white. Nigerians and Mexicans even have less impressive military records than Americans. As astute political observer Patrick Buchanan once observed: “Americans are lousy imperialists“.


European Americans are a beleaguered and demonized demographics that could decide to leave the union, because America is no longer their country.

Actually, the Israel Lobby knows that a global empire in their hands is not going to happen and even admitted it:

[] – America’s New World Order Is Officially Dead

But rest assured that they at least will try to keep America under control.

And then there is Australia:

Discovered by the Dutch, taken over by British rivals and de facto taken over from the British after 1945 by the Americans. Some very senior Australian politicians fear that Australia could fall to the Chinese if the US would lose a confrontation with China in the South-China Sea. Malcolm Fraser even advised the Australians to distance themselves from the US, but it is unlikely that they will. It is very well possible that China could be tempted to look for a fight with the US with the Australian prey in mind, once China feels strong enough to go on the offensive in the South China Sea.

[] – America: Australia’s Dangerous Ally

The real question is: will the Israel Lobby give up on the American Empire without a fight, like the Soviets gave up on their empire without a fight. Don’t count on it. Where the “Israel Lobby” gradually lost control over the Soviet empire between 1938-1953, thanks to closet anti-semite Josef Stalin (who opted for National-Bolshevism), they are still in control of the US.

The world Europeans, Russians and European-American nationalists should aim for. The Eurosphere “Huntingtonian Culture Circle” would guarantee white survival in the 21st century. Let’s bring it on. The US Deep State is aiming at war with Russia anyway, so we can’t escape it. Let’s defend Europe against the only enemy we have: ZOG-USA.

America was a mistake. The underclasses of Europe (“huddled masses”) that went there were no match for the “Israel Lobby” that gradually took over the country between 1900-1933 (Wall Street, media ownership, FED and finally the Roosevelt government), teamed up with the USSR as a first act of government…

…and intentionally destroyed Europe with the aid of Roosevelt-Stalin sidekick Winston Churchill.


[] – „Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland“

New German minister of the interior says that “Islam does not belong to Germany”. He says that because he is afraid of rising populism, now that the AfD, out of nothing, has become the new opposition leader in parliament.

[] – Mehrheit der Deutschen wünscht politische Annäherung an Russland

Even more important: the clear German majority (58%) desires an rapprochement to Russia, where merely 26% want to distance themselves from Russia and 14% satisfied with the status quo. This will make it very difficult for the US to count on Europe in case of a major conflict with Russia.